SR.NO Name of Course Intended Content Level Benefits Duration
1 Complete HCM understanding Data management in OM, PA, Payroll and Time. Overview of configuration of OM, PA, Basic Time and Basic Payroll Integration with FI/CO. Creation of Project plan, BBP, Configuration document, UTP, ITP and UAT, Project Preparation and Go live scenarios etc. Consulting The training is designed for student who wanted to become HCM consultant 20 days
2 Complete HCM crash course Topics covered OM, PA, Time and Payroll. Understanding of OM objects and its interlinks. Creation of Organizations structure. Overview of PA, features, Infotypes and master data configuration and maintenance. It explains various scenarios of negative time management and gives brief on Time evaluation methods and also touch upon Schemas and relevant PCRS. The course covers important aspects of payroll including Basic pay configuration, Factoring, Retroactive accounting leave compensation, and valuations Advance The course id specially designed for experienced users who wanted to become consultant or core team user. It provides knowledge on configuration required for configuration scenarios in PA, time and Payroll 12 days
3 HCM for Users Data management in OM, PA, Payroll and Time. Problem management, Integration with FI/CO Basic The training is designed for end user. The end user should be able to understand functionality and interdependencies within module and across other Modules. They can avoid basic data issues or able to resolve them. Overall effectiveness of the user will be increased. 2 days
4 HCM for Power Users, Core team Understanding of configuration, tables etc. Data management. Error handling etc. Advance The training is designed for Power users and core team member. At end of training the participant will understand various processing mapping aspects and how it is related to data management. The course also covers the issue resolution. They should be able to handle the data and processing without expert support. 5 days
5 HCM - OM and PA Data maintenance Data management in OM, PA. Understanding various OM, and PA Infotypes. Maintenance of OM and PA Infotypes. Customized Infotypes. Understanding upload from txt or excel files using LSMW and other facilities. Basic It is designed for users who handles maintains various PA and OM Infotypes and large scale uploads. They also will learn commonly used utilities like LSMW 1 day
6 HCM OM and PA Configuration Understanding of configuration of OM structure, various objects, relationships etc. Features, Dynamic actions, general understanding of exits, Discussion of various scenarios, reports, Consulting The participant understands the intricacies of OM which is useful PA and may be ESS/MSS. The concept like cost planning of Organization may be explored. The utilities like Dynamic action, user exits etc. will be effectively implemented to reduce cost of ABAP development 3 days
7 HCM Time Management and administration Understanding of configuration of absences, attendances etc. Aspects like negative and positive. Understanding Quota generation Consulting The participant can independently designed and mapped the processes. They will configured the system with common scenarios across geographies. They also will learn the testing strategies. Also data maintenance methods. 5 days
8 HCM Time evaluation with Clock time and without clock time Time evaluation schemas and their configuration. PCR used in Time evaluation, Time wage type generation, Overtime, Time in lieu, Time accounts. Payroll integration Consulting Participant can independently implement or maintain the Time evaluation process 5 days
9 HCM Payroll Payroll organization, Data management, HR-Payroll Process , Off cycle processing, Payroll processing, Checks and control, Integration with Finance, Standard and Statutory reporting Basic The course is designed for Payroll administrator. The participant will understand the entire payroll processing and control it. They will be independently handle processing and also should be able to generate reports 3 days
10 HCM Payroll Concept Understanding various aspects and scenarios for Gross Payroll. Wage type valuation, absence valuation, Retroactive accounting, commutation etc. Consulting The participant will understand the payroll processing clearly and able to analyse each step of processing to improve issue resolution and processing. 5 days
11 HCM Payroll India Configuration of India localization for Taxes, and Statutory need, Statutory deductions, EPF, LWF PTAX, Posting to account, Absence valuation, Leave encashment, Leave compensation. Retroactive accounting, Net payment, DME etc. Consulting The participant can independently configure India specific payroll 3 days
12 HCM Payroll - Gross component Data management in Payroll and related Infotypes. Wage type maintenance, including processing classes, factoring valuation basis. Payroll processing. Problem solving. Payroll integration with finance Consulting Understanding of various concepts of Payroll processing and techniques to customized to suit client requirements 5 days
13 PCRs and Schemas Basic of Schemas and rule, Wage type valuation, Schema TM00, TM04, IN00, X000; PCR X010, X013, INP1, TE10, TE20, TE30, PCR for overtime, Operations, OUTWP, OUTTP, VWTCL, VARST, ADDWT, COLOP, COLER etc. Consulting AT end of session, the participant should be able to write efficient PCR independently. Also analyse the PCR quickly to resolve upcoming issues 3 days
14 HCM Performance management Understanding of Configuration of catalogues, Template, understand, various predefines processes, configure fields, understand BAdI etc. Consulting Now appraisal configuration will look like very easy 3 days
15 HCM - Employee compensation management Basic configuration, Guideline(Matrix), Various attributes and valuation. Budgeting, Create an execute compensation process Consulting It is technical and functional process. Expected to be attended by Techno-function consultant. One can implement the ECM with ease. 3 days
16 Basic ABAP SAP System overview Data Dictionary Introduction to ABAP editor Performing calculation Character strings Debugging your program Working with your database tables Working with other database types Using ABAP to modify content of database tables Program flow control and logical expression Building user selection screens Internal tables Modularizing Programs Resources Consulting The beginning of career in ABAP programming. Suitable for fresher who is aware of programming techniques 5 days
17 Workflow programming Workflow Architecture and Organizational Management The Workflow Builder Business Objects and the Business Object Repository (BOR) Task Definition Containers and Interfaces in Workflows Agents Ad Hoc Processing Options Simple and Modelled Deadline Monitoring Events and Workflow Special Step Types and Methods of Processing Wizards Consulting Complete workflow understanding with examples 5 days
18 Webdynpro programming Introduction to Web Dynpro Web Dynpro Controllers Web Dynpro Context Web Dynpro User Interface Controller and Context Programming Internationalization and Messages Value Help, Semantic Help, and Keyboard Access Component Reuse Dialog Boxes Adaptation Techniques SAP List Viewer for Web Dynpro ABAP Web Dynpro Select Options Portal Integration Web Dynpro Application Troubleshooting Consulting The candidate should be able to develop effective screens and logic with content 5 days
19 SF Employee centre Complete understanding and configuration of SF EC Consulting Those who wanted to understand EC and seeking career in SF 5 days

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